You say no an God sends two

I decided last week that I would focus on my studies and stop worrying about getting a boyfriend; there was already enough pressure on me for the fact that I have a group of couple friends. The one thing about couple friends, especially ones who act like they are still in high school, they want everyone around them to be in relationships. Even if the people are perfectly content with being single they force them to go on awkward double dates in order to produce more couple friends.

However I am getting way off topic, what I wanted to talk about is that I had finally decided to take a break from guys in order to focus on more important things. This is not me saying that I am giving up guys completely because I love them too much, they are way too much fun. I just want to live life to the fullest in Korea without being tied down to anyone. However last Saturday I met a guy, lets name him boy A, and we really hit it off at first, so we exchanged numbers. Yet the past couple days he has barley texted me, and when he does he only sends one word answers.

Now onto Boy B. We both have the same tennis class, which is all in Korean. So needless to say I was incredibly nervous the first time that I came to the class, especially since I got lost. The second week was different though thanks to Boy B because he and his friends came up to me before class and started a conversation. Haha it was more like an interrogation because they asked where I was from, why I came here, and things like that. This group of guys even asked me if I had a boyfriend and when the found out the proceeded to say, “Well we can be your boyfriend.” It cracked me up and helped calm my nerves a bit due to their humor. Boy B was the one who asked that question. At the time I thought, “hu… hes attractive and has a good personality, plus he can speak semi well English… he would be a great friend.” So for the next three weeks I kept thinking this while allowing myself to have a small crush on him since he was attractive. However today changed my feelings about that. When we were practicing tennis the professor made us switch partners, for the first time since classes started he was my partner. He kept making fun of me and hitting the balls really fast, even if I missed on he was hitting another one toward me. I found it frustrating but funny at the same time. He then noticed that my hand was in the wrong place on the racket. So he fixed it by putting his hand on top of mine.  For some reason I actually felt nervous… then when we went to change partners again his friends made his play with me again. I don’t know if it’s because he likes me and they were trying to get him to spend more time with me or the guy switching over really didn’t want to play with me. But for some reason I felt incredibly happy that he had decided to stay and play again with me. When classes was over I proceeded to get his number from him so that I could text him. He told me that I had to learn how to drink soju the right way and that he would teach me sometime. I don’t know if this means he likes me or not.             

Not even right after Boy B sent me this Boy A messages me saying that he is in town and would like to hang out with me, but in Korean culture if you hang out with a guy it automatically means that you are boyfriend and girlfriend. If anyone actually reads this I want to get your opinion on what I should do.          


Should I deny Boy A and see where things progress with Boy B or should I end up going out with Boy A and ignore Boy B on account he might just want to become best friends?                                         

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