Weakness of our county

    I wonder how weak our country has to become before some other country that we have pissed off, which are far too many to count, attack us. I can tell you the result already; we will be over thrown because there is no draft forcing us to learn how to fight further apprehending us a future of death or imprisonment by those stronger than us. Maybe it is time for the world to start learning how to protect themselves incase war breaks out instead of sitting at home thinking that we will be safe in our peaceful little country as others take advantage of this weakness and privilege and plunder out once free country that others would kill to have.

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  1. jwcj

    While it is possible for other countries to committ some attrocities upon us I don’t think there are any countries out there willing to go to war with us. Even China which has enough people to fight any kind of war with us has smarter leaders than to stage a full out attack on the U.S.A. Besides Chian will probably end up owning us long before it ever decides to attack us !!! hehe

    May 04, 2013