Unpredictable Kind Souls

It’s weird how I’ve never had that friend who would drop everything just to go on an adventure. Today, god stepped in and answered my prayer’s. For weeks, I’ve been looking at tickets for this band I really like, with the lowest price being 300. The leader is someone who’s rapping has gotten me past dark times. Unknown to him, his rapping got me past the whole I was in with my dad when he was going to strip away my tuition money while overseas. It got me through the emotional mess I was after being the only one to fail my language class, feeling like a nothing who was going in the wrong direction. And now his rapping is getting me through being rejected from my top grad schools. It’s like his aura is behind me, giving me a hug, and saying that god has a plan for me no matter where I end up. Then today, when I was looking at ticket prices, expecting for them to have increased again, he answered my prayers. Staring straight at me were two tickets for $90. Immediately, I started asking friends around me if they would go with me. I got as far as begging that I would pay for everything. Everyone said no.

Then I had a crazy idea of asking my roommate, thinking she would say no. At first, she said no, saying that I need to use my common sense. Then I said this,”

“The thing is, I made a promise to myself that I would stop listening to Korean bands after I graduated this year. Since my dream is to go to master school and eventually work with refugees, I need to quit playing around, cancel out all distractions, and focus on my studies for people I will help in the future. And since I will be working with refugees, going to concerts or spending a whole day watching shows is out of the option. I will have little to no money to live off of and I would rather spend extra time helping refugees and defectors rather than mindlessly spend it following a group and idolizing them. This is my last time to act like a kid, play hooky, and do something crazy and drastic. We have the rest of our lives after graduation to be adults and have responsibilities…”

With that, and both of our parents encouraging us to go, we took a leap of faith and are now going to skip school to go to a concert. However, this memory will be with me forever. I also realized how much I can depend on my roommate. This is the first time a friend has EVER dropped everything to follow a crazy idea of mine. She is even doing it to help me cope with being semi-rejected from my dream grad school. We may be doing a stupid thing skipping classes our last semester as undergrads, but isn’t regretting something forever worse than doing something crazy?


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