Okay so I met this man recently, let’s just call him Tom because I don’t wish to establish his real name, but he lives on my floor and plays football at my college. At first he seemed awkward and did not talk much so I did not pay him much attention at first and went for other guys. Yet in the back of my mind I kept wondering what he would be like if I talked to him, if we had anything in common, was he as bad as everyone on my floor believed from the rumors spreading around? Then a week after making a huge mistake with a man from my college I got the chance to talk to Tom while singing karaoke on my floor; we even ended up singing a song together. After that we started talking to each other more, granted I would use the excuse of asking if he wanted to study for bio together, but still I found out all kinds of information about him that the others on my floor hadn’t taken the chance of getting to know because they prejudged him. For example he is rich, yet very kind, loves a lot of the 80’s bands I love (like the Cars and the Eagles), Loves most of my favorite moves while also loving horror movies which is hard to find now a days, and the most important thing is that he is very sporty like me and seems like the type of person who would never take advantage of anyone nor let them down. Them him having really nice abs with just the right amount of hair right by his belt makes him my dream guy, the only problem is that I have never been in a relationship or even pre-relationship where I have to chase the guy in order to get  him to notice me as a potential girlfriend. To be honest, he might be the first guy in a very long time that I have truly and generally fallen for; and it scares me half to death. Now I don’t know whether to take a leap of faith and put everything into liking this guy and going after him, or to just let him go and hope another man this perfect comes around again.

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