Overlooked Girl Meets Well Liked Boy[part one]

   In this world we all coexist in different ways, kind of like how in a high school every student has a role to play. Their is the over obnoxious football player with a full ride to any college, who is using his stupidity as a cover for truly being afraid to admit to everyone who he really is. Than their is cheerleader arm candy who is really in love with the footballers best friend but is to selfish to leave her mans side just because he is her meal ticket for a future of no work. The geekey guy who secretly stalks the overlooked girl that he believes loves him over the underlining fact that she stood up for him when he was getting bullied by the football team. Than finally the one girl that stands out the least in high school, the overlooked girl who has a small group of close friends and attends class as a normal student but harbors a love for the football player that she knows she can never have.                                                                                                                                                       

      This is the story about a man named Billy, who is the captian of the football team, meeting the overlooked girl named Julie and how their love for eachother started.

-wait till my next blog, I am writing this story for my own enjoyment but if you enjoy it too than you may follow me or make a comment and wait for the next part of the story.

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