Opportunity stripped away

All of my life I have been granted extraordinary opportunity’s to do things, whether it was a summer studying at Oxford or going to Paris to for a summer learning sign language. However every single time someone rips it away from me, this someone is my mother and father. For example I got asked to go to Oxford to study with this program I am apart of called National Society for High School Scholars, however even though I got offered scholarships I couldn’t expect it because my mother refused to help pay the deposit fee thus forcing me to give up my spot. Another time a dream was ripped away from me was when I had been accepted to study abroad in South Korea, which would allow me to take courses on Korean politics and Chinese relations with other Asian countries. However my mother thought I wouldn’t be able to get enough scholarship money to be able to go so never paid the fee for my spot which forced me to yet again give up my spot that I worked so hard to get. And here is the real kicker, they were offering me a scholarship that paid half of my tuition and all of my plane ticket costs.

A few months ago I was approached by the lady in charge of studying abroad and asked personally to apply to a brand new program that they started with a University in South Korea. Basically they wanted me to be the Guinean pig to test out this program so that more students in the future will know what to expect when they get to the university in the future. My tuition is only $9,000 for a year and my whole summer school is completely paid for. With all of this you would think that my mother would finally be willing to help…no? Wrong!!! She is doing the one thing that could screw up three months of planning that has allowed me to take this opportunity. She refuses to pay for my plane tickets, this may seem like nothing at all to many people however anyone that has gone abroad for school knows you have to get a student visa, and to get a student visa one has to purchase tickets first so that you can be granted one. In order to get a visa it takes at least a month to process, I have two before I leave for South Korea. However to my mother she sees it as well I will get it done when I feel like it. Putting it off is her way of saying either she spent all the money put away for the tickets the last couple of months and is buying time to earn the money back, or (more likely) she is not buying them because she does not believe I am actually going and thinks if she waits and I decided to pull out she will have saved money. Sometimes I wish I could win the lottery and pay for the dam tickets myself or make enough money in order to pay for the tickets myself. Either way would be better than waiting for a woman who might flush my future down the toilet again.

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