Is This Right?

Slang slashing vile words into my blood,

Cropping into a cult.

A sister to a demon,

No longer what I knew.

My group if on self destruction

Blaming others for low numbers.

Why can't these beasts open their eyes

And see the truth.

We yell feminism,

Then behind curtains bash our gender.

We yell go overseas,

And assume they desire no position.

We yell be involved,

But don't deserve a position.

We yell be confident,

But ridicule for being power hungry and cocky.

Why has my sisterhood become one we dispise.

One not deserving of respect,

One that makes us sick,

One that makes me question.

If only one standing, should they still go?

Should I stand up for those whose mouths are sown with fear,

Who thinks to tap mouths such solves a problem?

Only one on the stand,

Only one speaking,

No one behind me.

But degrading our own gender,

Our own blood,

Is a reason to speak, 

To scream!

Sacrificing letters,

Sacrificing colors,

Sacrificing sister bonds,

To save blood from continously being poisioned.

God, am I in the right?

Or in the wrong?

How does one know when to speak up,

For those who cant?

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