Healed in Strange Ways

Threw the wind

And the rain

She stands hard as a stone

In a world that she can rise above,

Cause her dreams

Give her wings

And she fly’s to a places where she’s loved

Concert angle.

Seven years I awaited this moment patiently.

I went through so many hard times

From holding a knife to my heart

And even holding the pills ready to gulp all the pain away.

But this song kept me going,

Hoping all the words of profanity

All the times I was dragged by my legs

All the times I was trapped in the bathroom

All to escape from the horrid man once called my father.

Finally it happened…

I am free after 8 years of abuse.

I want to cry out of happiness

While at the same time cry with sadness.

I planned out everything to say to him,

But when it came time… there were no words left…

I didn’t feel the need to stoop to his level and put him down the way I was,

I didn’t feel the need to argue anymore.

Maybe this is true forgiveness,

When one forgives the monster without needing any sort of apology.

I would rather fix this corrupt relationship then destroy what little is left.

But the scars will always still be there,

Never will I be able to trust any man,

Never will I wish to understand the meaning of love

                Since it only brings about heartbreak

Never will I wish either, to speak of the past.

It still feels surreal,

Like a dream no one wishes to wake up from.

It still feels surreal,

That I’m paying college for the first time by myself.

It still feels surreal,


That I am finally free.

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