Empty Shell

I am a empty shell

Nothing left but air an empty hope

Hope someday I will be good enough to carry a pearl.

But in reality

My tainted layer will crush any possible hope

Will destroy any pearl

I believe in the father that raised me

Only to fake shots of juice behind me

Hide bottles of beer in site

Fool the blan faces claiming similarity.

He created the empty shell

The shell that will forever be empty

Not to hurt another

It's her fault,

She's the one who talked back

The one who acted like a slut

The one who deserves the verbal hurt.

Nothing should have been said

Cause true sayings are only faluse testimate

No one ever sees the truth nor ever will.

God only exists in imagination

For those with souls

Not those with empty shells.

I am a destroyer, not a dreamer.

It's about time i start realizing it.

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