A time to finally cry an let it all out

   Have you ever felt like you wanted to hit the delete button on certain parts of your life? That you could fast-forward the seemingly insignificant parts in time and rewind to relive the most enjoyable parts? Right now is my point of time where I wish I could delete going to fast with the man that I felt I could really come to like only to get a seemly sympathetic text saying, “We can’t get into a relationship because I am probably not going to be here next year!” Or to delete the moment when a man says that he can’t date you cause it would inflict on his focus for football season or school work in college. Nerveless you can’t forget to fast-forward to when a guy has the man balls to actually come up to you in person and tell you that they only want to be frickin friends and never intended to have a relationship even though he hugged you in a beyond friendship way or put his arm willingly around you during a moving that usually means in any another situations that the man is interested! I guess this is the point in life where an insane person would drop down to their knees and shout out to god, “What is the point of all of this! Why can’t we just meet someone who will cherish us for us and count the time spent with each other. Do we have to get millions of blisters from the frogs we have kissed to just gain one little prince that we might be lucky enough to meet at least once in our lifetime. To find what true love really is do we have to love you, and I have, but how come it seems that I just keep stepping in dog shit instead of floating on cloud nine with you?” These are just few of the questions that should be being asked instead of being kept inside along with our annoying doubt that plagues us like pepper spray?


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  1. nidoubleki

    Have you ever felt like you wanted to hit the delete button on certain parts of your life?
    Yes, yes and yes.

    and i’m stepping in dog shit too, so you step not alone haha

    September 17, 2013