A Replacement

A replacement.

A cardboard cut-out.

A shadow.


Why can’t I be seen?

All my life I’ve been cast aside.

By sisters I’m stupid and over dramatic;

By friends I’m ignored,

Not even worthy of a message.


By family… I am a whore,


Horrible Person…


But in reality…

I feel like a shadow.


Those who claim to be sisters,

Spend every waking moment degrading,


To make their imperfect lives better.

Or at least that is what I tell myself.


My entire life spent appeasing others,

Smiling when names are thrown and feelings are hurt.

Pretending life is peachy as darkness creeps in.

When the funny,

Let’s not fight,

Persona ensues… people throw hate,

Snapping I’m the problem.


It’s funny cause as they run to me for comfort,

I embrace with words of encouragement.

Yet roles reversed,

I’m tossed aside.

Forced to cry alone in the bed at night,

Stifling sobs to not disturb roommates.


The one whom I pledged with.

Supposed sister,

Is the instigator of these feelings?


I take her home with me,

Hoping to ease tension with the basterd.

She spouts promises to not fall under its spell.


Yet, the outcome is predicted,

She craves for fatherly love,

He craves to fake father of the year,


And I become a shadow no one notices…

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