Didn't relies until it was too late to do anything how much I really liked this guy. We fooled around togeather after my ex broke my heart as well as my trust with spreading nasty rumors about mw just because he didn't want to be the shitty looking one who had a thing with my supposed best friend and sorority sister. This new guy was just a rebound, a guy to be under while I was going through a hard time. But it ended up being much more than that, he comforted me when I was sad, talked to me (and actually listened to me) when I needed to vent, and actually studied with me. I kept telling myself and the few who knew about it that we were just really good friends and nothing more. But unknowingly I fell for him slowly, over the summer we decided to keep in contact with each other by texting all the time and calling once a week. It worked out really well the first two months, but slowly he started texting me less and missing more weekly calls until eventually I would text him and he would never answer me. I didn't think it was that big of a deal because remember at this point I still was innocent to my feelings. But I got back, I ran into him, and my first words to him in a month or two was hey followed by a awkward hitting him playfully with my elbow. Got I could just die of embarrassment right then and there. However that wasn't when I accepted my feelings, nor when I Sa that he got a even better body, being in season and all. It was when I herd from one of my sisters that his head coach just up and quit in the middle if the season without warning nor replacement coach. Right then and there I had the urge to text him and comfort him, then I woke up in the middle of the night and relised, "holly shit I messed things up, I want him back. I like him more than a good friend, might even have feelings for three little words." Yet the problem that exists is whether or not I want to take a leap of faith and text him, what harm could it do, specially since I'm leaving for abroad in a year, the same year that he graduates. The only question is am I going to let a amazing man get away just so sluts can sleep with him and I see him flirting with other girls because I'm afraid of being rejected, or better yet having things work out and facing a relationship again. Or am I going to grow some lady balls and send one small text, I mean the worst he could do is ignore it and me, also he could instead message me back starting something up again? I don't know what to do
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