I know I will probably get ripped to shreds for saying this but recently I came to a sudden relisation that One Direction may be super famus right now, an yea they are semi attractive men who produce good music. However they got there fame basically handed to them while really great bands an singers like Katy Perry and Rixtion had to work from the bottom an go threw real shit in order to get where they are today along with many other singers. An maybe im being a little bias because Rixtion is my favorit band however them and Katy are truly creating their own music that is uniqe an a new kind of music that catches the eye where One Direction is just like every other boy band that has its fame then dissapears an no one remembers who they were. AN ONE DIRECTION IS NOTHING LIKE THE BEATLES!!! The beatles brought on a whole new kind of genre that sweapt the world where I still have yet to see that stupid 1D do anything remotely close to the beatles. Sorry about the drawn out rant but im just sick an tired of having to listen another one of my friends cry an drool over those men trapped in kids bodys, I mean they are friken in there 20's yet act like 14 year old immature boys who have no sence of real work!

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